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About Us

As the site webmaster my interest in the history and preservation of League Park began prior to my visit to Cleveland, Ohio in June of 2007. While preparing for my visit to Cleveland League Park came to my attention. The more I studied the history of the old ball park the more interested I became in its background and condition.

The visit to League Park on June 30, 2007 was not disappointing. Walking on the same field where Cy Young, Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, George Kell, Ted Williams and Bob Feller played was a thrill. On that day I decided to work to let others know about this special place and to assist in the preserving and improving this national historic baseball landmark.

As you visit LeaguePark.Info I hope you enjoy discovering this hidden baseball treasure..


David A. Jones



David Jones at League Park in June 2007

(David Jones at League Park on June 30, 2007)